Do you want the forums to load in seperate page, or it’s good how it is now- in frame in the site?

  • Better in seperate window
  • In frame is OK
  • I don’t care

Do you want to keep the old tutorials and code database, or you think a new one must be created?

  • The old one is great
  • A new one should be better
  • I don’t care

Do you think that this blue-grey-style overall design of C++ Home should stay?

  • Yes for sure
  • Maybe
  • No! Something more colorful is better!

How do you compare the current version of C++ Home to the previous one?

  • This one is better
  • The previous was better
  • I think they are almost equal
  • I don’t know

What else would you propose for the site?:

3 Responses to “Help C++ Home”

  1. ventsyv says:

    1. In frame is OK
    2. The old tutorial database is OK but needs to be reviewed and updated.
    3. Could we have the option to load different skins ?? Each person has his/her own preference.
    4. This looks better, but the functionality is essentially the same. The tutorial db needs cleaning up. I would like to see more new articles, interviews, surveys, tests etc. It is all about the content in my opinion.

  2. Colin Jeanne says:

    1. Please load the forum in frame. Let me control when pages open in new windows/tabs.

    2. I havent looked at the old tutorials in a long time. I wouldnt be surprised if many of them were old/outdated/incorrect and so some review of them is necessary.

    3. Blue-grey is fine with me.

    4. This version is better.

  3. uolj says:

    1. I don’t care
    2. A new one should be better (or at least update all the bad code in the existing one.)
    3. Maybe (I have no preference.)
    4. I don’t know (I’m not a fan of the new forum layout yet but the main page layout looks nice.)

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