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Author : Ron Hiler
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bloated code). Anyway, I could go on and on. I'll leave further optimizatons as a reader excersize :)

Using some basic optimizations of this code, I am drawing about 10K pixels per frame, and achieving about 10 frames per second. Most of that time, however, is spent calculating the position of the pixels relative to ellipses (I am drawing ~200 ellipses per frame), which make for some very complex calculations. The actual time spent drawing the pixels amounts to about 20% of that time. The point being, you should be able to get animation speed pixel drawing (30+ fps) with these routines, once you optimize them.


The “Without Whom..” category:

Thanks to Andy Buchanan who helped me out with the compile pixel routines (which my code is based on).

Also, thanks go out to Nathan Davies, Christopher Seddon, Sam Christiansen, and Chris Barnes for writing excellent articles on 16 bpp pixel drawing in DirectDraw.

An extra thanks goes out to Nathan Davies, who allowed me to bounce ideas off of him while this code was in development.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments about this article or the code. Also, the routines shown here are heavily modified (and simplified) from my current project. In their current form, they have never actually been field tested, so it is possible that bugs have slipped into the code. If you spot anything you see as suspicious, please let me know about it so I can correct it.

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