Topic : Bitmap Buffering
Author : Jay
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explained in the
      next lesson, so don't worry about this for now
      acquire_screen();// Get the screen
      draw_sprite(buffer, my_pic, my_pic_x, my_pic_y);//Draw the picture to the buffer
       blit(buffer, screen, 0,0,0,0,640,480);//Draw the buffer to the screen
      release_screen();// Release it

      Uncomment the following 3 lines, and comment out the 4 previous lines in order
      to view an UNBUFFERED mode of drawing.
      //acquire_screen();// Get the screen
      //draw_sprite(screen, my_pic, my_pic_x, my_pic_y);
      //release_screen();// Release it

   destroy_bitmap(my_pic);//Release the bitmap data
   destroy_bitmap(buffer);//Release the bitmap data

   return(0);// Exit with no errors
END_OF_MAIN(); // This must be called right after the closing bracket of your MAIN function.
               // It is Allegro specific

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