Topic : Using Resources in Win32 Programs
Author : Joseph Farrell
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find the resource info block
    if ((hResInfo = FindResource(hinstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(resID), "CUSTOMRESOURCETYPE")) == NULL)

    // now get a handle to the resource
    if ((hResource = LoadResource(hinstance, hResInfo)) == NULL)

    // finally get and return a pointer to the resource
    return ((UCHAR*)LockResource(hResource));

Well, that about does it for resources! See, programming for Windows is fun. :) Even with all this knowledge of resources, you're still pretty limited in what you can actually get your programs to do, so next time I'll be going over some basic Windows GDI (Graphics Device Interface) functions, so you can start using all this stuff to put some demo programs together. As always, send me your comments, your ideas, your death threats:

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Farewell everyone, until we meet again...

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