Topic : Making a game: The Idea
Author : Drew Sikora
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to flood back in, squash them and take in everything as if it all were new to you. Donít let your past feelings for the game idea get in the way of the new judgment.

So whatís the verdict? Thatís your job. If youíre leafing through the papers and saying Did I actually think of this? Then into the shredder it goes. Congratulations, youíve just killed your own game idea you thought was so great. Itís a tough thing to do, but doing it lets you know you can spot bad ideas and deal with them accordingly (and not waste money on developing them). If youíre flipping through and saying Yes, yes, very good, then you are cleared for takeoff!

Congrats, youíve just given birth to a little baby game idea. Aw, heís so cuteÖ *ahem*. I mean, jolly good show. So whatís the next step? Breaking out the chainsaw and trying to cut your game idea to pieces (figuratively, of course). In the next installment of the series, The Design, Iíll lead though the process of trying to kill your idea. Weíll look at it from every angle, knead it, beat it up, look for flaws, and more. After passing all these trials, it should emerge sharper than a diamond. Until thenÖ

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