Topic : 2D vs. 3D: Fight of the Century?
Author : Geoff Howland
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this needs to be taken into consideration as well. However, games such as MechCommander (Microprose) are displayed in the same format as a 2D game would be displayed, so in that case there is no advantage for 2D in this area.

Game Toolbox

What you, as a game designer, need to decide is what your game is going to look like and how it will be controlled. If your game needs a lot of flexibility, animations and you have enough time and resources then a 3D display engine will probably be your best bet. If you do not need some of the areas of flexibility and want the ability to produce crystal sharp images and display them quickly and have a shorter development time then a 2D display method can be the way to go.

The trick here is not to look at whether 3D is better than 2D, but what tool will best fulfill your needs. There is obviously still a high demand for 2D games from the game buying public and your not doing this for your health, are you?

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