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Author : Christian Reimann
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Tank 3 Creation Document

Hi, folks!

So you want to know how I created Tank 3? Ok, I've written a commented
time line for you and mixed some General info, tips and tricks into it.
So you can read what the basic steps of creating Tank 3 were. The lines
in italic and bold print are the news that I published on my homepage,
Enough talk, let's begin!

The idea

  started to think about a new
  game, maybe Tank 3.0 ?!?
In december 2000 I had the idea to write a sequel to my earlier games
"Tanksim" and "Tank 3D". I chose to write a sequel to these games,
because I already had some experience in Tank games. And, as I did
my military service from Juli 2000 to April 2001, I was quite addicted
to tanks at that time.
For those of you who haven't written a game yet, here are some general
tips about ideas and choosing the genre of your game:
- Don't try to imitate a special game, like Command & Conquer, Starcraft
or Quake 3, you can't reach them, if you don't have the experience yet.
- Don't expect too much of your game. Especially your first games should
be considered as a training of programming games
- Start with something simple like Tetris or some scrolling shooter like
"Space Invaders"
- Select a genre that you have experience with. If you don't know the
basics of BSP and portal rendering, you shouldn't try to write a
quake-like game.

Selecting the programming language and
graphics interface

The typical gaming language is C++, but I've also written games with
Pascal and Delphi. So if you know more than one programming language,
think carefully about which one you use.
The second important point is which graphics interface to use. You can
use the following for example (some of them are really outdated):

VGA mode 320x200 (used in many DOS games)

This one is outdated today. In DOS times, this was a good place to begin.
I used it for Tanksim. You should know a bit of assembler to use it

SVGA (DOS games)

Also outdated. You should know quite a lot of assembler to make the
graphics fast.

Windows GDI

The graphical driver interface of Windows. I used this in Nebula. You can
do quite a lot with it but you have to know a lot about graphics, as there
is no 3D acceleration.

DirectX, OpenGL and Glide

These interfaces are basically the same. I used DirectX in Tank 3 and
Glide in Tank 3D. You can use 3D acceleration with them. Knowledge of
Matrix operations and trigonometry is very useful.
  started writing the new
  graphics engine for
  Tank 3.0


  got the new tasks for the
  programming contest I'm
  participating in. Maybe
  Tank 3.0 will have to
  wait two or three weeks.
This will happen very often during your work. You have another important
project that you need time for, or you have to learn for the tests in school
(if you still go to school), or anything else. One of my biggest problems at
the beginning was that I never finished a project. At the beginning I was very
entusiastic, but later I had to make a break that stopped the enthusiasm.
And when I had time again after the break, I thought about a new game/project.
"One of your most important resources is your enthusiasm"
So it's very important that you keep your motivation.
  Tank 3.0 page created.
  Here you can see the
  creation process of
  Tank 3.0
Putting news of Tank 3 onto my homepage was one good idea, because this way I
got much feedback from other people, who encouraged me to work on and told me
what is still missing in the game.


  Tank 3.0's terrain is
  starting to work. Time
  for a terrain buffer
  and terrain textures...
  Trying if Delphi 5.0
  works better than
  Delphi 3.0
  Experimenting with
  Got DirectX working.
Normally, it is a good idea to write a concept document before beginning
to program the game. But sometimes it might be advisable to begin with
some coding before you really start to write the game to check out what
kind of engine you can make and what you better dont do. I did this before
I started writing Tank 3 and found my way to C++ and DirectX after trying
Pascal, Delphi and OpenGL in some "Benchmarking" programs.

Beta testing

  Wrote a demo of
  Tank 3.0.
  New Tank 3.0 directx
  beta version!
  Finished and uploaded the
  Beta version 3 of
  Tank 3.0.
  Uploaded tank 3
  beta 4.
It's always good to have someone with a different point of view who helps
you a bit. I decided to make an open beta test on my homepage to get
much feedback on the game.


  Finally have time for
  (the military service time was over)
  I've updated Tank 3.0
  to directx7. Works with
  3Dfx now. Beta 5 with
  dx7 will come soon!
DirectX brought some compatibility problems with it. I used DirectX 2.0 at
beginning, because most of the DirectX tutorials on the net used DirectX 2.0.
But 3Dfx worked only since DirectX 5.0. So I had to update the complete source
code. That was quite a lot of work. When I updated all the variables and
changed the procedures, nothing worked. After a while I managed to get a black
screen. After another 2 days I managed to see some triangles, but they were
very distorted. Later I found one hard-to-find bug that had to do with the
update of a DirectX structure. After that everything worked, despite of
transparency. Later, I found a line well-hidden in a documentation file that
said that the lighting mode was changed and I had to shut off lighting to
display transparent triangles now. This update was one of the hardest tasks
that I've faced during programming and it costed me a week of bug-finding.

Features ("is it a bug or a feature?")

  Trying to implement
  trees into Tank 3.0...
  That's far more complex
  than I thought. Having
  lots of problems with
  the transparent
The trees were a good feature, as they made the terrain much less "boring".
But you should careful about features, especially graphics features that don't
change anything of the gameplay. Concentrate on finishing the important things
of the game before adding "cool" features. Features can make the game atmosphere
very rich, but a good gameplay is much more important!
  Uploaded Tank 3 beta 5.
  Implemented trees and
  collision detection.
  The new beta uses
  DirectX 7, which
  supports more 3d cards
  than the older version.

The interface

  Building the user
  interface and working
  on the missions...
Make sure you have a good interface. I used an interface that is very much
similar to Command&Conquer. In some genres, there are interfaces that are
"the standard". Fell free to use them! There is no need to "reinvent the wheel"


  The beta-version 6 of
  Tank 3.0 will come soon!
  The game begins to be
  playable. I'm working on
  the first missions at the
Set yourself milestones that you work towards. The first milestone is, when the
important parts of the engine work. The second important milestone is the point,
where the interface and the "key functions" of the game work.


  Beta 6 is up!
  The game is playable as
  a strategy game now and
  has 3 missions (will
  highly increase in next
  versions) and sound!!!
  More details on the
  tank3 page.
Many games don't have any sound at all. Sound is a very important feature to make
an atmosphere. As this is a feature rather that a gameplay element, implement it
after getting the game playable.


  Updated Beta 6 to 6.2
  Is already uploaded.
  Fixed some bugs and
  increased framerate.
Don't spend too many of your resources in speed optimizing at the beginning. Of
course you can do some "basic" optimizing when you write the code, and if you
implement structures like sinus tables, you should use them at the beginning
already. But doing the "hardcore" optimizing is something to do after getting
the game playable.
  Uploaded beta 7. More
  types of tanks and
  more missions.

More compatibity problems...

  I'm working night and
  day on the 3Dfx problem
  with Tank 3.0
  Improved compatibility
  to 3Dfx. Uploaded
  improved Beta 7.1
  Uploaded Tank 3 Beta 8
  Greatly improved
  Missions, some new 3D-
  Objects, improved
  Hardware detection.
  Should work with
  Voodoo2 now.
  There are still
  problems with newer
  graphics cards. Wait
  a few days until I've
  fixed it or use Beta 7
  instead (Tank 3 page).
  Beta 8 works with
  newer graphics cards
  like GeForce 2 and
  Voodoo3 now.

More interruptions...

  I'll be on holidays
  from Friday to Monday.
Well, it rained all the time during my holidays...
  I'm back from my
  holidays. Fixed the
  Voodoo2 mouse problem.
  I'm working on
  turning the beta
  version into a
  full Tank 3.0

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