Obfuscate Code Contest 6 - Results Poll

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Obfuscate Code Contest 6 - Results Poll

Postby Darobat » Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:14 pm

Sorry, I haven't had much time lately, but I've got the poll up now. Only 3 entires this time including myself. :( You can view the few entries I did get here

Beer Hunter - 4
Exomo - 1
Darobat - 2

My votes went to Beer Hunter and myself.

Also, I am going to take a break from obfuscate code contests. I need to get some stuff finished and I won't have time to do anything with them.
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#include <stdio.h>
struct W{char m,M[4??),w;void x(char
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Postby tomcant » Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:47 pm

My only vote goes to Beer Hunter. The other entries were impressive, but I think Beer Hunter's was the best. :)
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Postby Corsix » Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:18 pm

This is what I did of mine:
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#include <stdio.h>/***/
#include <string>/****/
#include <windows.h>///
#include <conio.h>/***/
#define re_throw return
std::string abc,def,gh;
unsigned long OMG(std::
string O){return O.size
:0;}std::string LOL(std
::string O00){std::/**/
string OOO,O0O;unsigned
long OO0;for(OO0=0;OO0<
+=(signed char)OMG(OOO.
O0O;return "!";} signed
long ROFL(std::string//
O00){std::string OOO;//
signed long OO0;for(OO0
return OMG(OOO);}struct
dead{operator long(){//
return ROFL("dead");}}\
hell;struct string{std\
::string _;string(std::
string __):_(__){}char*
operator&(string ____){
abc=LOL(_);return (char
LOL(_);}operator long()
{return ROFL(_);}};/**/
struct alive{std::/**/\
string __; alive(std::\
string _):__(string(_))
{}char operator[](long\
_){return __[_];}/***/
operator long( ){return
"tHIS is gOiNG to Be A vERY lONG lINE of TexT. If yOu WaNT To Skip AHEad TheN FEEl fReE TOo. AfteR ALl, ThIs LINE doEsNT aCtuAlLY Do AnYtHInG USEfUL. tHat Is UNLess yoU CoNSIDeR tHE cORe OF The proGrAM ImPoRtAnt. oH aNd btW - tHe MiXtURE oF uPpeR anD lowEr CaSe Is CompLeTelY raNdOM (so DoNt TrY to fInD aNy HiDdEN meAnIng GamMa). I aM gEtTiNg bORED oF tyPinG pRoPer worDs aND SEnTENCeS So ThE rest oF THE LiNe WIll juSt BE a rAndoM MIx oF LeTTerS. 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 BYE :-)"
);typedef unsigned /**/
cripiling; typedef char
cripiled; typedef char*
poor;string BYE("BYE");

int main(int that,poor scientist)
            for(cripiling disease=hell;disease<strlen(scientist);disease+=string("goodbye cruel worlD"))
               scientist[disease]=main(that-ROFL("time for you tO dIe"),&scientist[disease]);
            throw hell;
            for(cripiling disease=hell;disease<horrible;disease+=string("that,poor,poor scientiSt"))
                  throw horrible[disease+(that==-(string("questioN:")+string("why do i neveR wIn?")))];
            throw *scientist;
      catch(cripiled man)
         re_throw man;
      catch(dead man)
         re_throw man;
   char filename[1024];
   char filedata[1024];
      printf(string("hI agaIn FeLLaS ANd wELCoMe to ANotHeR rOUNd oF corSixs obfUScAteD cODe. AS VecTOR madneSS DiDnT wORK lAst tiMe i am trYIng SOmeTHiNg nEw THiS Time. CAn yOu GueSs what i AM uSINg? cAN you? sUrELy SOmEoNE caN gUesS? SUrEly? sOme1? bye :-)")&BYE);
   FILE* ifile = fopen(filename,"rb");
      printf("Unable to open file.\n");
      return -1;
   printf("What language do you desire? [S]cientist or [N]ormal ");
   char desop = 0;
   while(!(desop == 'S' || desop == 's' || desop == 'N' || desop == 'n'))
      desop = _getch();
   if(desop == 'S' || desop == 'N');
      desop = (desop=='S'?'s':'n');
   printf("Enter output filename: ");
   FILE* ofile = NULL;
      ofile = fopen(filename,"wb");
      printf("Unable to open output file. Output will be to console instead:\n");
      if((!fread(filedata,string("reAD"),string("binAry"),ifile)) && feof(ifile))
   return 0;
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#include <stdio.h>
int main(int l){for(l+=7;l!=putchar(010);++l);if(*(++_))main
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Postby Darobat » Sun Jan 30, 2005 9:46 am

Why do I find this discouraging? 2 entries besides mine, 1 almost finished entry (with a 2 week deadline) and only 1 vote. I might have to advertise on the GD forums when the next one rolls around.
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#include <stdio.h>
struct W{char m,M[4??),w;void x(char
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Postby exomo » Sun Jan 30, 2005 10:48 am

As allways I don't want to vote for myself.

So you can guess who gets my votes.
BeerHunter and Darobat.
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Postby Beer Hunter » Mon Jan 31, 2005 2:57 am

I vote for myself and exomo.
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Re: Obfuscate Code Contest 6 - Results Poll

Postby jarabee » Tue May 10, 2016 1:34 am

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Re: Obfuscate Code Contest 6 - Results Poll

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