I found the best app for BPD!

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I found the best app for BPD!

Postby Woah » Mon Mar 29, 2021 1:48 am

It's called Bearable, here are the links to App Store and Play Store

I've tried so many apps but none have really worked with BPD since they're designed to track emotions/symptoms that last for weeks/months consequently. Bearable allows me to see all that, but also my crazy mood swings and every feeling I've felt in a day. I always thought that late evening/night was the best time of day but its actually when I get all the worst breakdowns. There's so much crap I hadn't realised before using it.

Everything is customizable: feelings, symptoms, factors, just everything. It's confusing at first but absolutely worth it!

There are so many statistics, you can see which factors cause which symptoms, how your sleeping affects your mood and symptoms, it calculates the percentage of toyal symptoms you have (I dissociate way less than I thought compared to other symptoms!). Everything. The presets are amazing, but you can add any factors and symptoms you want and see their effect.

Please try it out! I swear I'm not getting paid for this, I'm just so exited I finally found something that works lol.

Edit: I didn't expect this to get so much attention, I'm happy so many of you found this helpful!

Edit 2:

People have been asking for the differences between Bearable and Daylio, it's been too long since I used the latter but here's what I could quickly find:

This one is from the Bearable website, so it could be biased. There are still some comparisons worth checking out.
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Re: I found the best app for BPD!

Postby Keren » Mon Mar 29, 2021 2:58 am

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