Posting Tips For New Users (READ THIS FIRST)

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Posting Tips For New Users (READ THIS FIRST)

Postby Wizard » Tue Mar 08, 2005 9:57 pm

This one I'm leaving unlocked in the event that others have comments to make.
Thank you.

/*** Begin really long post to hopefully help new users here ***/

Special thanks to ^-^ for writing this up for us.

In an effort to put everything in one place, the miscellaneous stickys, where possible, combine into one.

So thanks to :

Ilia Yordanov (loobian)
for their contribution.

I will address where registered and non registered members can post.

If you are not registered you will be limited to two forums: For Beginners and Homeworks.

Registered members can post in these forums: For Beginners, General, Homeworks, Windows Programming, Games and Graphics, Unix/Linux, Algorithms & Data Structures, Maths & Physics, Contests and Open Discussion.

Forum Rules:
1. You must post in the appropriate forum. If your question has something in common with more than one of the forums, then post in the one you think it is closest to.

2. You must not post the same thing in more than one of the forums.(cross posting)

3. If you double post only one of the posts will remain; the rest will be deleted. When people take the time & trouble to answer your question, it annoys the hell out of them to find somebody has already answered in another thread.(posting the same topic in the same forum more than once.)

4. If you double post more than once (for different topics) you may be banned.

5. If you spam, you will be banned without any notice.

6. If you register with another name and continue to spam, your IP will be blocked.

7. You are not allowed to send spam via the PM (Private Messaging). If we receive complaints regarding this and we find out that you have spammed, you will be banned.

8. All of the above rules may be changed at any time.

9. We are not obligated to answer your questions.

10. Before asking, put the effort into finding the answer yourself.

11. We will help you if you have problems but we won't do your work. You need to put effort into doing this yourself.

12. Do not post offensive materials. If you are not sure if it is offensive then it is. Do not post it!

How to post questions properly
Just a few hints & tips to get the best responses from this forum....

1. Try to be self sufficient. Before posting, try to find the answer to the question yourself. A lot of questions can be answered by searching the forum or google. If you are not sure what to use for a search criteria please ask. MSDN has descriptions of almost every function in C++. Look there first.

2. Give your topic a name that describes the problem or help that you need -- naming a topic "Help needed.." or "Pleeeeeze help...." actually discourages a lot of people from looking at your topic. Using a descriptive topic like "Help with my class constructor", is more likely to get a response.

3. Give us details. Tell us what you expected or wanted to happen, and what actually did happen. The more information you give, the quicker your problem might be resolved. We need to know what compiler you're using in case the problem you are encountering is platform specific. Please include the Operating System you are using or the target Operating System, what you are creating (DLL, Win32 App, Console, etc.), and any error messages you might be getting.

4. Think about your question -- a well asked question which gets to the heart of the problem is likely to get a quick response and not leave us to interpret what you want.

5. This may also seem obvious, but if posting code, run it past your compiler first! You will then know if it compiles and if there are any error messages. They may be cryptic to you, but someone else may understand them.

6. Always try and include the code that is causing you a problem or that you do not understand. If you ask us what you're doing wrong but don't give us anything to work with, it's kind of useless. When including code (use code tags explained below) if possible post the smallest complete program that reproduces the problem. When posting about a program that doesn't compile, you should always post the error messages from your compiler.

7. Don't ask us to do something for you. If we see you've made an effort, we'll help you but if it's just, "Make me a program to do..." you won't get much of a response if any.

8. If something needs explaining more, ask. As long as you continue to ask proper questions, you will more than likely continue to get proper answers.

9. Be patient. There aren't people on the forums 24-7. This is not a chat room so replies may be immediate or could take several hours. The people that help are volunteers so they are not obligated to give a answer to every post / question. Be patient. Posting "what's taking you so long ??" is almost guaranteed to annoy everybody. If you haven't gotten a response after a few days, try posting again, but don't be rude. Patience is a virtue.

10. This is not a rule but should be applied to all topics that you start. When members post a possible solution to your problem you should make an effort to post back to let everyone know if it worked or not. This way other members will not be left hanging and wondering did he fly the coop with that answer.

If it did not solve your problem, then others can offer more solutions with the knowledge that they are not wasting their time posting solutions for something that has already been resolved. If it did fix or help what you were working on, the very least you could do is say thank you to those who helped. This will also indicate to others to stop trying to solve the problem.

By following these simple rules, it makes our part a lot easier, and you will probably get your question answered a lot quicker.

Homeworks / Assignments.
This forum is intended for use by students with homework or assignments in C/C++.

Help will be given to students who can demonstrate that they have made a serious attempt to complete the assignment but have encountered difficulties in logic or code.

Do not expect the assignment to be completed for you, so please don't bother to post the text of the assignment unless it is accompanied by your attempt at solving/completing it.

In addition to these rules all the rules under forum rules and How to post Questions Properly 1 - 9 are valid here too.

And please, use the Code tag.....

Making the actual post and using code tags!
Why use code tags? I will explain what they will and not do. They will tell the forum software to treat this block of text differently. But why does it need to be treated differently? Because normal text is stripped of all leading spaces and tabs. With code tags all the leading spaces and tabs are preserved. In not so cryptic terms, it will preserve all the formatting in your code, making it easier to read the code. What the code tags will not do is add formatting to your unformatted code.

Let's take a dry run. Once you have chosen which forum you are going to post in you will need to find the new topic button. The first thing you will need to do is enter a user name if you are not logged in or registered. Then fill in the subject and move to the message body. Here you will type your question. Then below that you will post your code. How to post code will need a little explanation. This can be accomplished in one of two ways.

Option 1 for using code tags:
The first thing you will need to find is the button marked as code. Click or push the button to insert this [code] into the message body. Just type or paste your code in the message body. When that is done you will need to click or push the code button a second time to close the tags [/code].

Option 2 for using code tags:
This works best when copying and pasting your code. Type or paste your code. Once you have that done you will need to highlight all the code you want to be enclosed in the code tags. With that still highlighted, find the code button and click or push the code button once and it will add the opening and closing tags.

Now that the code is in place you will need to find the preview button. Click or push the button to review the post. Preview will present the post as it will be displayed when added to the forum. This will let you see mistakes such as missing closing tags, etc.

Take a look at this can you see the error?

This is how it will present it to you in preview mode.
How about now?

Once you are happy with the way it looks you can use the submit button to add your post to the forum.
Use code tags!

This is without code tags.
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
for( ; ; )
cout << " I now know how to use code tags! ";
return 0;

With code tags.
Code: Select all
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
      cout << " I now know how to use code tags! ";
   return 0;

There is an additional code tag called Syntax highlighting. You will use the same steps as above but will replace the use of the code button with this syntax.

The new Syntax highlighting.
First you will not find a button for this when you post a message but it is easy enough to use this feature.
To use the feature you will just need to add this tag
as the first line before you put your code. Once you have that in place you will just add the code to have the syntax highlighting applied. Then you just need to add the closing tag at the end of your code, which looks like this [/syntax]
This is an example of what it looks like.
[syntax="cpp"]#include <iostream>

int main()
std::cout << "This is a very cool feature!" << std::endl;

return 0;

This is a list of additional Syntax that could be used with Syntax highlighting. These would replace cpp between the double quotes in the example above.
nsis (nullsoft installer)
oobas (openoffice basic)
vfp (visual foxpro)
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Postby Pests » Sat Mar 12, 2005 5:09 pm

8. All of the above rules may be changed at any time.

So I'm guessing rules 9-12 can never be changed? :)
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