Top Websites for IT Career Info

Looking for great sources of IT career and certification information online? Here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

Top IT Certification Websites

  • McAffee - McAffee security certification program is a great option for those willing to start the career in information security, or gain a competitive advantage with a globally recognize credential.
  • LPI - Linux Professional Institute sets standards for Linux expertise and validates the knowledge and skills of IT professionals through its certification program.
  • Braindumps - Braindumps is a collection of IT exam preparation materials, including the new exams from Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, Microsoft, and other reputable vendors.
  • ISC - ISC is a leader in information security, with its flagship CISSP certification being among the best paid credentials in IT industry. Great option for security professionals.
  • Google Apps - Google has recently launched a few certifications for Google Apps, helping IT support staff and professionals gain a competitive advantage when it comes to managing and supporting Google Apps for business.
  • TestKing - TestKing seems to always top the list of great IT exam preparation resources. The website sells valid braindumps, and has an excellent money back policy in case you fail your exam.
  • Juniper Networks - Juniper Networks certification program is a great option for networking professionals who think they might need to work on Juniper products in the future.
  • Adobe –With a wide range of Adobe products to suit different needs of a variety of businesses, getting an Adobe certification is always a smart move.
  • AndroidATC – As Android remains the most popular mobile operating system, Android developers are in high demand. Getting an official Android certification is a great way to prove what you’re capable of.

Universities With Great Tech Programs

  • University of North Dakota - UND is a reputable research university that has some great tech and aerospace programs.
  • University of Arizona – UA is a member of Association of American Universities that offers some top notch computer science programs for applicants planning to build a career in IT.
  • Harvard University - Does Harvard University need a special introduction? It most definitely doesn’t as this historic Ivy League university offers some of the best degrees in the world, including those in technology.
  • University of Missouri - Located in Columbia, Missouri, this university offers a solid foundation for a successful IT career through its Computer Science major.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison - This is one of the best technology-oriented colleges in the US, often included in prestigious ratings and offering some great courses.
  • University of Maine - This is a great New England school with nice campus, great facilities and faculty, and a more than decent computer science program.
  • University of San Francisco - San Francisco is a great city to live and learn, and University of San Francisco offers some great tech programs that so many applicants find appealing.
  • University of Ohio - University of Ohio offers a solid computer science program that lays a foundation for a successful career in IT.

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